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Nidec Elevator provides flexible quality products and services, outstanding engineering capabilities, and a definite assurance to security and wellbeing of customers. Considered as a highly-qualified elevator manufacturer in the industry, Nidec Elevator continues to deliver top-notch products, most of which are currently installed in different iconic structures in the world such as airports, public buildings, residential, industrial and many more. We are striving to make Nidec Elevator a cost-friendly and preferred quality solution for vertical transportation needs of the global communities that we serve.Nidec Elevator is a part of Nidec America, Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motor (ACIM Group).

Major company partners include:

  • Canton Elevator, manufacturer of Hydraulic Packages and Power Units
  • Motion Control Engineering (MCE), manufacturer of Controllers
  • Imperial Electric, manufacturer of ACPM Gearless Machines and AC Motors.

In addition, The Elevator Group spans across the globe. Our international company partners include:

  • Kinetek De Sheng (KDS)
  • Nidec Kinetek Elevator Technology (NKET)
  • Nidec Elevator Qingdao Company (NEQC)
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Nidec Elevators

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Scalable Solutions

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