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Nidec - making industrial history for over 100 years. In every industrial segment we address, our foremost intent is to provide exceptional value through products engineered to be the very best and through building lasting relationships with our customers and the communities we all live in. Nidec Elevator brings these traditional values to our partner companies in the global elevator market. There are several prominent names in the global industry. With respect, when you next think about elevators, we propose you think of Nidec first.

Company history as told by our CEO

Committed to becoming a Century - Old enterprise with steady growth!


It was back in 1973 that I established Nidec with the goal of becoming number 1 in the world together with my three colleagues. I had been researching precision motors ever since my school days and I made this the focus of the company. This was the start of Nidec; a company of just 4 engineers, including myself.

At first, our only assets were our determination to be the world’s number 1, and our proprietary, original technology. We were literally starting with no material assets, but we firmly believed that we could lead the industry if we could make products that had features and performance unlike those of our competitors.


We became the first company in the world to successfully commercialize a direct drive spindle motor for HDDs that used a brushless DC motor. Many said that had it not been for this product, computers could not have gotten as small as they did. This was followed by a series of inimitable products that were either the first of their kind, or the smallest of their kind, in the world.


Today, we make small precision to large-size motors of all kinds as well as their peripheral components. These key components are widely used not only in IT and office automation products but also in a wide range of fields including home appliances, automobiles, office equipment, commercial and industrial machinery, and environmental energy.

- Shigenobu Nagamori, Founder and Chairman
Our founder

Founder & CEO, Shigenobu Nagamori

Chairman, President & CEO

Born in Kyoto, Japan on Aug. 1944

Graduates from Polytechnic University in Tokyo, Japan (Department of Electrical Engineering) in Mar. 1967

On Jul. 1973, Founds Nidec Corporation at age 28.

Company philosophy

Our Philosophies

Corporate Philosophy

Nidec seeks to make more efficient motors and other products to provide solutions essential to global environmental conservation, and contribute to improving people’s lives.

Environmental Philosophy

Nidec realizes that the perpetual protection of the global environment is an important issue common to all mankind

Quality Mission

To provide products and services that satisfy our customers on a customer-first basis. To focus on manufacturing world-leading products on a quality-first basis.


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