Scalable Solutions


Modernization is a solution for existing elevators. As time goes by, existing machines, controllers and parts might not function as well. Parts of the elevator may be hard to replace but also difficult to install new elevator due to cost, labor or hoistway and other installation limitations. Modernization end-user solution modernizes the partial of full elevator system as well as ensure the elevator safety and efficiency without replacing a complete new elevator.

With more than 40 years of modernization experience, we provide concrete solutions for replacing parts or even the whole elevator in a short period of time. Before modernization, Nidec pre-engineers will set-up a scalable solution for every customer to ensure the best ultimate result. Therefore, in terms of cost, time and efficiency Nidec modernization is a highly practical solution for customers.

Depends on the job condition, scalable solution allows customers from replace only the control system, machine and the door operator. Nidec's scalable solution provides wide range of product line that fits the project according to the hoistway and different configurations.