Nidec Elevators


Nidec Product Highlights:

1. The product series can satisfy complex non-standard designs (90-degree opening, 3 door opening, shallow pit and low overhead)

2. HLSS 304 with thickness ≥1.2 mm as standard thickness EN51-58 Standard fire-rated door

3. Car wall standard soundproof cotton for reducing car noise

4. Accurate & reliable S curve elevator leveling

5. Buffer: All standard hydraulic buffers including 1 m/s  and below

6. Thickened car frame double-deck structure and buffer vibration isolation design

7. External shaft design available

Nidec Safe Moving Experience:

1.UCMP unexpected car movement protection device: In case of elevator unexpected movement, UCMP's device automatic protection will start to stop the elevator from unexpected damage

2. Car Door Anti-Sweeping Device: The special car door lock effectively prevents the car from opening unexpectedly outside the opening area. It keeps your elevator moving safely.

3. Reinforced Structural Design: Reinforced design of car cabin, car frame, higher safety factor; double-layered car bottom structure and cushioning vibration design, better-taking comfort. Reinforced design of guide bracket ensures the straightness and rigidity of guide and the smooth operation of the car cabin.

4. Intelligent Light Screen: It automatically senses passengers' returns when the elevator car door is closed to prevent pinching the passenger.

5. NIOE System: NIOE System independently developed based on (IIOT), intelligent device terminal real-time monitoring of your elevator operation status providing effective and guarantee safe operation management and preventive maintenance. 

6. Leveling System: The leveling system provided by Nidec Elevator is equipped with unexpected car movement (UCMP) detection and built-in safety features.