Machine Room Less Elevator (MRL)


Nidec Machine Room Less Elevator provides a wide range of series. We provide MRL elevators from low to mid rise. Our compact control and traction system can easily meet the hoistway condition. Group control can also be applied up to 6 car group to increase the building efficiency. Nidec Elevator developed heavy duty solution for freight purposes to achieve easy coordination with any available construction.

Nidec Elevator MRL series are specially design for compact hoistway and machine room less job sites. MRL elevator can fit into different buildings including commercial, residential and industrial with minimal space and energy. We install directly on the guide rails. With broad product range and design, we design as compact as possible bypassing different limitations. Nidec MRL elevators require simple elevator system collaboration. The structural design is highly compatible with the job site. All guide support does not install on the hoistway wall and there is no construction need.

The control system can be installed in the middle of the bottom to match the existing building condition and design. The mechanical design ensure the simplicity of the system installation, electrical operation and minimizes the noise level.